Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of terms and conditions of use.

By enrolling in any of our online courses, present or future, you accept their terms and conditions. If you decide not to accept them, you have the right not to take our courses. Us Pro Investment reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at its discretion, your participation in the course implies that you accept these changes as well.

All the content of the courses, including text, graphics, presentations, logos, icons, images, video, audio, audio and video clips and digital downloads are the intellectual property of the author of the material and / or the Course Management. The delivery of the course material does not imply a transfer of copyright but its making available for learning.
The material may not be copied, reproduced, translated, modified, uploaded to social networks or websites or distributed by any means without the prior written permission and consent of the author and Us Pro Investment.

The courses are made up of a series of topics detailed in the syllabus called Curriculum.
Each topic is presented organized in different modules:

Theoretical development of the module.


Theoretical development of the module.

Presentation of Images and video
Slides with Images and a summary of the most important concepts of the module, videos with masterly intervention.

Videos where they are described, demonstrated, explained, commented, encouraged in taking actions and activities related to stock investment, the result and action of which is at the expense and risk of the investor who has taken the corresponding course.

Consultation forum
Space where you can share information, give guidance and generate external advisory processes that are not part of the course.
Temporalization The modules will be enabled in the digital-virtual space following a schedule of dates established in the Course Program or sequentially according to the corresponding videos and topics. Once published, the content will be available to all users throughout the course and for a term of five years.

Query space Every time a new module is published or they are all published, in each module and in its corresponding lesson, a comment box will be enabled, where investors who take this or other courses of Us Pro Investment, can make the consultations that it considers pertinent, necessary and opportune for its better understanding of the content and topic treated. It is important to note that comments, writings, messages, whether written, by means of an attached file, audio or video, that violate the physical or moral integrity of the course directors, Us Pro Investment or the other registered and registered will not be allowed. in the course. Likewise, it is totally forbidden to issue opinions, analyzes, expressions, phrases or any other type of messages or through the present or future audiovisual, written or photographic means that discriminate on the basis of sex, race or skin color, ethnicity, nationality, social status or any other reason, including support for human rights violations, individual or group illegal activities.

Personalized courses. The courses are only for the one who acquires it, according to the account that has acquired them and are not transferable to another person (s). This does not prevent an enrollee from acquiring several courses to make them available to other people, relatives or not, with the condition that they enroll through the use of a valid email, in any case, reselling the course is totally PROHIBITED , the transfer or distribution in any way or form of the Us Pro Investment course (s).

Access to courses. The user accesses the courses through a username / email and a personal password, it is possible to create a temporary or automatic password for the user, which can be changed as many times as necessary or relevant, it is recommended to make the change the first time you log in to your account once you have enrolled or registered for the course.

Value or cost of the course. The stock market training course or any other course, present or future will be paid in full, at the time of enrollment and is valid from the start of the course to its completion, according to the course schedule or pre-established enrollment period or access in a term of five years.

Payment: For inquiries related to payments, please contact: info@usproinvestmen.com The stock market investment course, has a cost of (450.00 $) Four Hundred Fifty United States Dollars or its equivalent value.